Best Movies and Films of 2010

Mr. Movie and Mr. Film select their ten best pictures of 2010:

Mr. Movie:
10. Waiting for Superman
9. Black Swan
8. Morning Glory
7. Megamind
6. Burzynski: The Movie
5. Flipped
4. The Social Network
3. The King’s Speech
2. Never Let Me Go
1. How To Train Your Dragon

Mr. Film:
10. Kick Ass
9. Harlan in the Shadow of Jew Suss
8. Burzynski: The Movie
7. Flipped
6. Marwencol
5. True Grit
4. Never Let Me Go
3. The Social Network
2. Inception
1. The King’s Speech

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  • red_locker

    Hmm…impressive list! How to Train Your Dragon blew my expectations away, and I have Burzynski in my Netflix queue. Flipped looks interesting and heartwarming, too.