Worst Movies and Films of 2010

Mr. Movie and Mr. Film pick their ten worst movies and films of 2010:

Mr. Film:
10. The Expendables
9. Monsters
8. Due Date
7. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
6. The Last Airbender
5. The Extra Man
4. I’m Still Here
3. Life As We Know It
2. I Love You Phillip Morris
1. Somewhere

Mr. Movie:
10. Inside Job
9. Eat Pray Love
8. The Last Airbender
7. The Extra Man
6. Shrek Forever After
5. Toy Story 3
4. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
3. Hereafter
2. The American
1. Somewhere

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  • Dsjbsjbdjs

    No shocker coming from as shallow of a site as this.

    There’s a new transformers film coming out for you guys soon, though.

    • http://www.seancast.com Sean Saulsbury

      There’s no better sign of success than indicated by our first hateful post from a fake user account! Alright!

      • Anon

        It’s actually anonymous, not fake.

        • http://www.seancast.com Sean Saulsbury

          Yes, anonymous, with a fake e-mail address.

  • http://twitter.com/red_locker red_locker

    Aw, why are you hatin’ on Toy Story 3, Mr. Movie?! Ah, well. Pixar can’t win ’em all, I guess.

    Glad to see you two agree on Somewhere, though.

  • RussK

    I’m glad that I’ve only see one of these movies, and those honors go to “The American.” I watched the movie on HBO, and didn’t think it was totally terrible. However, if I would have watched it in the theater, I may have went to sleep. Considering the job performed by Cloony’s character, with secrecy and an element of paranoia being a major theme the movie tries to show, the movie is half way decent.