Interview with Eric Merola, Burzynski: The Movie

Eric Merola, Writer/Director of Burzynski: The MovieWriter/director/producer Eric Merola is interviewed about his documentary, Burzynski: The Movie, which Mr. Movie and Mr. Film both named one of the ten best pictures of 2010. For more on the film, visit

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  • Joan Jackson

    Please keep doing this work…We need to be able to trust our health care practitioners as we did fifty or so years ago. I am optomistic about this honest and open aproach in caring help for those in pain and disease. Thank you from all of us that depend on your knowledge to assist us with our health.

  • John Douglas

    The establishment has had over 20 years to prove Burzynski a fraud. Of course they have not done so because he is not a fraud. CANCER IS BIG BUSINESS except to an altruist. Sure its a business to Burzynski but its necessary for him to make a profit to sustain his research and treatment.

    • Lori Kim Pullman

      Im trying to educate people on this….I think some are afraid to think our government is keeping us sick, all for profit….im outraged and wont even take over the counter meds….i dont trust conventional meds… i stay away from dr. as much as possible.. that is how i stay some what healthy… excercise,eat as healthy as you can and dont take meds…..

  • Peter

    Great interview. I saw the movie and was blown away by how the FDA and the NCI were clearly shown to be working against the people who they supposedly are there to serve. And, how Burzynski’s treatment is the ‘best if not the only cure for cancer ever discovered” as the Dr Jim Whitaker has said. I look forward to Part II.

  • Larryhofsess

    please keep doing this work Dr. Burzynski is saving my wifes live life she has stage 4 lung and brain cancer was given 3 weeks but that was 7 months ago. People need to know him.

  • Bettyjulias

    All american people should know about this and what kind of government we have

  • Shira Miller, M.D.

    Excellent interview. It really shows how anyone with passionate ideas can take matters into his own hands and make a difference!

  • Cljowe

    Clem Weber I liked the movie and the interview with the producer [Eric].Icannot believe that all the small children children being treated at these cancer centers, being put through this painful radiation, chemo, surgery, that the government would put all it’s energy investigating a possible cure. The FDA is cold hearted. The cancer industry is the biggest business in the world. All the research money goes to the same companies year after year with very little progress. My wife passed away 30 years ago. She was treated with radiation,chemo, and surgery. My brother passed away in dec. He was treated with radiation, chemo, and surgery.

  • Kweber

    For all who contribute to the United Way Campaign, you as an employee have the right to direct your contributions to the organization of your choice. I have elected to send my contributions to Dr. Burzynski. When I inquired to learn where to donate the funding, Dr. Burzynski’s son called me personnelly to inform me how to do this. What a thrill to hear “thank you” from an organization that is saving lives when I should be saying thank you.

    • Nursepriscilla

      So, tell me how to give to Burzynski…via United Way…

  • Cojones

    From a health practitioner perspective, if one honestly looks at the current medical model we can see that our patients are not receiving the best possible care. The cancer industry is just one aspect of this monster based of disease not health. I applaud the director and Dr. Burzynski to have to courage to make positive changes in peoples lives in the face of great adversity.

  • Mark McLane

    I am at the clinic they are so awsome. I just wish our health care system would wake up. We have been fortunate to have a freind that new about Dr. B and has been following him for 16 years now. In our opinion the only choice. I have glioblastoma brain cancer insurance is going to be a problem. The healthe care system wants me to have conventional radiation chemo so on so forthe. That will not cure this. The pharm. companys have there money way to deep into the Gov. pockets we need something done soon cant type any more Mark.

  • bipolar disorder symptoms


    Its really great guys about that  Eric Merola is interviewed about his documentary,. 

    Thanks guys for sharing this information.

    • Roy

      Thank You Dr. Burzynski.
      We lives in Norway and we are watching.
      The whole world is watching and observeing your fight.
      It is really a big thing all the life you have saved.
      Maybe the biggest thing in this case is how you have  layed open for the whole world the endless corruption in FDA and the Cancer industri.
      It is really interesting how openly they hates the mankind and loves the money.
      Now they finally are  digging their own grave.
      The big money cant help them any longer. Now it is time for the truth !!!
      Soon will each of this murdere  be held responsible for all the lifes they have killed.
      They are cynical in the same way as the guys in the weapon industry.
      Norway loves you

  • Science Defender

    Why hasn’t Burzynski done any double-blinded, placebo-controlled trials to prove the efficacy?